LOZEN "oona"

by Rural Wolf Records

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Bayles during the "Arctic Blast of 2008" at Red Room.


released April 24, 2009

All songs by LOZEN
*Lyrics for Rumbles taken from Apache Hymn

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Track Name: Rumbles
good like long life it moves back and forth. by
means of white water. under it. it is made. by means of
rainbow curved over it. it it made. lightning dances
alongside it they say. sun rumbles inside it. black water
makes a blanket to rest on. white water makes a blanket to rest on. lightning dances all around it they say. good like
long life the cradle is made. sun rumbles inside it they say.
Track Name: Earth People
no respect for you realizing the words you
say. a lack of trust for you. to hurt, attack, crush pride
and spirit breaks. my brother where did you go and how long since you've seen your soul. no more excuses for you.
only you can control your words of hate.
Track Name: Neko O Kaburu
cracked lips laughing. calused hands
clapping. no airbrushed fine lines. swollen muscles. keep it moving. our action creates energy. we are born wild.
generations of traditional ignorance in her blood line. her
paper candy she'll choke, choke, choke on it. blaming the
child inside when inspiration has run dry. it's one
stones throw away from crazy. chipped tooth. broke ass.
silver spoon stuck in the mud. tame with shame. you aim the blame. point that finger at your own face. neko o kaburu i see thru your disguise. ah ha ha i know you're a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Track Name: Precious Baby Squirrel
who owns the thin lines that devide? pretty patterns distract our eyes. but why? do your heart and mind have a price? which of your values can comfort buy? and why?..
cry. scream. kill. they wanna make you die. their
eyes seem real. they lie. they cheat. they steal. cry.
scream. kill. oh to justify their eyes seem real. look to
your third mind's eye now. taste the bittersweet. eat eyes. eat heart. drop down to your knees. touch earth truth art.